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~ Focusing on the Children ~
   Child Custody Parenting Plans - Focusing on the Children


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    Condensed Plans

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    Detailed Arrangements

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Detailed Rights

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Detailed Financial

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Time Schedules

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Child Related Readings

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Expense Tables

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Debt & Asset Tables

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Item Division Tables

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Child Custody Parenting Plans
Condensed & Detailed Parenting Plans
Regular Time, Vacations, Holidays, School Breaks

Software Package Includes

Co-Parenting: Arrangements, Responsibilities


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Table of Contents - Section 5

 Software Package Includes All Sections Listed

Section 5
   Detailed Parenting Plan Financial Responsibilities


Child Support Guidelines 


Sample A ~ Reduction in Obligor's Support
5-2 Sample B ~ Minimum Reduction in Obligator's Support
5-3 Childcare Expense Guidelines - Same Childcare Provider, Calculating Childcare.
5-4 Health Insurance Guidelines - Who is to carry. Uninsured Split, Reimbursed.
5-5 Additional School Expense Guidelines - Clothes, Sports, Club Guidelines.
5-6 Preschool & Tutoring Guidelines - Start at Age, Reimbursement, Maximum.
5-7 Overtime & Bonus Income Guidelines - How to handle overtime.
5-8 Tax Exemption Guidelines: Claiming Child - Who claims child on even/odd years.
5-9 Higher Educational Guidelines - School expense contributions, mother/father.
5-10 Life Insurance Coverage Guidelines - Primary Beneficiary, Proof of Coverage.
5-11 Dispute Resolution Guidelines - Time Limits, Neutral Environment, Process.
5-12 Child Emancipation Guidelines - Legal pagers to be filed with the court.

Parenting Plan

This software is made to be edited.

Customize this detailed plan to meet your personal situation.
You'll have to live with a parenting plan of some kind, make yours livable.

This Parenting Plan is made to be customized for any type of custody case.
Detailed guidelines will save you time, money and heartache now and in the future.
Don't leave it to the court to decide what is in your children's best interest.  This is your job!

If an agreement can not be reached, you can submit your parenting plan to the court, for the judge to consider